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Hair Salon Owner Professional Community
Hair Salon Owner Professional Community

Are You A Hair Salon Owner?

Are you a hair salon owner or interested in jumping into the entrepreneurial world of salon ownership? Maybe you have been working behind the chair for a while now honing your technical skills as a hairdresser.

I promise you there is nothing more rewarding than building a business from scratch. No one should go it alone though and having a group of leaders who have already been where you’re headed well that’s priceless. You’re in the right place!

Suite & Booth Rental Options As A Hair Salon Owner

Will you choose opening up a Salon Suite or do booth rental? Both are a great option to get your feet wet without much investment. There are a lot of company’s offering suites where you can have your room and decorate it however you see.

Maybe you work better with others? No worries there are hair salons who offer booth rent or a chair rental opportunity. Both options are easy to get started. Which one sounds right for you?

Commissioned Base Option As A Hair Salon Owner

Have you ever thought about being a leader and opening up a commission base hair salon? Some stylist is not ready to be self-employed and prefers working for others.

Being a commission based hair salon owner could be an excellent opportunity for you to lead and help others grow their career behind the chair. Although a bit more costly to start up but a lot more rewarding when you can help others.


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